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July 5, 2007 : CyberTester2 Version 0.3.0 released!

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Download CyberTester2 (Release Notes & Change Log). Unpack the zip file and follow the instructions described in README to build and/or deploy.

CyberTester's project page is hosted at

What is CyberTester?

CyberTester is a Web-based application originally designed to allow teachers to create tests/exams/assignments (consisting of single-choice, multiple-choices or keywords-based questions) and assign them to students to conduct online tests. Students can login to take these tests and review their results.

CyberTester is suitable to be integrated into online-education services or used as a standalone Web application for a school, college or university.

This latest version of CyberTester (CyberTester2) is implemented using Java Enterprise Edition (with EJB 3), running on JBoss as it application server and MySQL as the database. CyberTester relies on JBoss to manage persistence, relationships and security.

Licensing : GPL

In keeping with CyberDemia's philosophy of openness, CyberTester is released under the open-source GNU General Public License (GPL). This means you can download and run CyberTester for free for in-house or personal use. Furthermore, you can incorporate or bundle CyberTester into your own GPL product.

However, GPL requires the source code of CyberTester (whether the original or any modified version) and any derivative work (such as another program that uses CyberTester's code) to be made available whenever any portion of CyberTester is redistributed. Furthermore, the GPL license cannot be modified in any redistribution.


Brief summary of existing features:

  1. Highly configurable hierarchy tree to group tests and users, e.g. a hierarchy of Department-Class-Subject-Topic .
  2. Administrator tools to create/manage users/groups and assign tests to users/groups.
  3. Administrator tools to create/manage single-choice, multiple-choices, keywords-matching, exact integer and decimal value range questions using a rich text editor.
  4. Administrator tools to create/manage tests that contain questions. A test may have a time-limit and a time window in which it can be taken.
  5. Student test-taking functionality that can be presented either one question at a time or multiple questions in a page.
  6. Student test results that can be optionally suppressed or be viewable once a test is completed.
  7. Charting of student's performance (very rudimentary at this stage).
  8. Time limits on questions and/or tests.
  9. Support for images and external links (via rich text editor) in questions and answer choices.
  10. Anonymous users who can take the same test multiple times.

Some planned features coming soon:

  1. More user management functionalities such as password expiry, auto-generated passwords, etc.
  2. Email notifications.
  3. Much better reporting and charting tools, especially at the administrator level.


CyberTester has been designed with small-business requirements in mind, so it doesn't require any expensive J2EE application server. It is entirely possible to run CyberTester using free open-source server software. CyberTester's business logic is developed using pure Java technology to ensure portability across various server platforms.

CyberTester is implemented using J2EE (with EJB 3), running on JBoss as it primary application server to manage persistence, relationships and security. It has been tested to run on JBoss 4.2.0 GA, using Sun JDK 1.5.x. Persistence is provided by a MySQL database.

The Web interface adheres to proper W3C standards so that it can be viewed on any W3C-compliant browser such as Netscape 6+, Mozilla/Firefox, Konqueror 3+, Opera 7+ and Internet Explorer 5+.


architecture thumbnail Click on the thumbnail to view CyberTester's architecture.

Screen Shots

The following are some actual screen shots of the first CyberTester 0.1.0 in action. They were taken from a Mozilla 1.3.1 browser on a Mandrake 10.0 desktop PC. The latest version of CyberTester may vary a bit from these screen shots, but not by much.

Click on a thumbnail to view full-size screen shot
Click here for image Editing a question. (Administrator)
Click here for image Taking a test with all questions in a single page. (Student)
Click here for image Reviewing answers to a previous test. (Student)


You need to download the following programs to build and run CyberTester ( later versions of these programs might work, but there is no guarantee ) :

Older versions of JBoss will not work. Later versions of JBoss will probably not work too.

In addition, the downloaded zip file contains various required libraries such as MySQL JDBC library, Jakarta Struts and JFreeChart. These have been integrated into the automated build process.

External Links

CyberTester is listed on the following sites:

CyberTester is created and maintained by CyberDemia Research & Services. Please submit any bug reports, comments, suggestions or enquiries at CyberTester's project page.

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